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Our expertise becomes your asset, providing comprehensive IT and Telecommunications support when you need it. When you entrust your IT to us we will first do a full audit of your IT environment to check everything is working as it should. We listen to your technical information and goals and create solutions that add value to your company. This involves making recommendations on how to get the most from your IT and Telecommunications to suit your budget and business objectives. Our business IT and Telecommunications Support is…

  • Dependable

    If things go wrong, we are a phone call away. Our highly experienced team is here to assist your company through all your I.T. challenges. Our industry knowledge is complemented by an extensive network of partners who are here to provide a one stop personalized experience.

  • Creative

    We are committed to continually developing and improving our services to keep you in step with the latest developments in IT and Telecommunications, but only when it provides tangible business benefits.

  • Tip-Top

    We offer a market leading service dedicated to achieving an excellent user experience. Our market experience suggests that individual needs require customized solutions, and we provide solutions for all platforms.

  • Profitable

    Our services provide industry leading value for money without compromising quality. We have brought together the best processes, people and technology to deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices


We have the creative knowledge.
From Call Center Solutions and videoconferencing, to dialing directly from your CRM system.
We provide telecommunication systems for up to 10,000 terminals. We have 2 products in our portfolio:

Solutions from Mitel
Solutions from open source software Asterisk
With these two platforms, we are able to provide all of your communication needs.
We will listen to your goals and requirements, and advise which system is best suited for your communication success.

Computer science

In addition to Microsoft products, we also use open source.
The success of open source software has far exceeded initial expectations. When Linus Torvalds launched the Linux project back in 1991, few people could have imagined that free software developed by open communities would ever match, let alone surpass, the efforts of industry giants such as IBM and Microsoft. Yet in a wide range of areas this has been precisely the case. Without the contributions of Linux, Apache, Java, Perl, Python, MysQL, Hadoop and countless other initiatives, the internet would be a smaller, less interesting and much more expensive place.

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Our strategic partners


In today’s fast-paced world, Sangoma believes organizations can achieve greater levels of connectivity by having access to powerful, affordable communications solutions from a reliable partner and that building tomorrow’s solutions will help the world to connect and collaborate in new ways. Sangoma, as a leading voice and Unified Communications (UC) solution provider, is doing just that with our award winning Cloud and On-Premise UC/PBX solutions and with our continuing product innovation.


For many years we count on the partnership with Mitel in the field of communication systems (PBX). Whether you're a small business or a big business looking for the agility of a small business, Mitel offers all-in-one communication, collaboration and contact center solutions. These can be bought or hosted - for your success.


As a Business Platinum Partner, we maintain an intensive partnership with Swisscom in the various areas of telephony, IT, mobile and multimedia. In addition, there is a close partnership in the field of support for business customers in the field of computer science.


Our hotline thanks to Teamviewer support via remote access can provide direct online access to your laptop PC. Our employees are thus able to guide you step-by-step over the phone (wherever you are on the planet, if you choose to opt for our ‘on the go’ consultation!) and resolve the problem together. Access to your PC is of course only possible each time with your explicit consent.

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